Straight Day During Pride Month? Is it Necessary? Is it Ridiculous? Is it Fair?

I suppose you could consider this the sequel to my last story, because this idea came up after the LGBT Posters incident. I don’t know who had the original idea but soon enough everyone at my high school and the middle school, during the final days of school, were talking about having a “Straight Day” during Pride Month.

Those who are for a “Straight Day”, believe it’s only fair that all sexuality’s should be represented and celebrated as apart of Pride Month. Since, the whole purpose is to be proud of whatever sexuality you are, it seems hypocritical to deny someone the right to celebrate their sexuality. A student who argues for having a the day, says “Straight Day is okay, there are people who fight for there right to be straight, maybe not as hard as homosexuals but still it is a good debate. Plus we reproduce the human race so there should be a day celebrating who we are and what we represent”. From what I observed, it was generally heterosexual student’s advocating for having a “Straight Day”. 

On the other hand, those who are against a “Straight Day” believe it is ridiculous, unnecessary, and just another way for people to complain about Pride Month. One student shared their opinion stating, “In context of what happened at our school this year, I think it is a good idea but just the fact that we would have to do a straight day is kind of stupid for the whole fact of being straight is the norm and we’re celebrating people for being different and being proud of being different”. Not all people who shared this view, were from the LGBT community, both straight and queer people believed a “Straight Day” is unreasonable.


Regardless, I don’t believe this is a debate between what peoples personal views on sexuality are, or on which community receives more discrimination. If we remember that we are advocating for equality, we must make equality our reason for all actions and decisions we make. This idea is very debatable and could be argued all day. Are you for or against having a “Straight Day” during Pride Month? Do you think having a “Straight Day” would help achieve equality or do nothing but hurt the progress being made?    


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